FedEx Truck and Bus Collide Killing 10 Teenagers and Injuring Others

On April 11, 2014, a FedEx truck collided with a bus carrying dozens of teenagers, among others, who were touring colleges. It is reported that the teenagers were traveling from several Southern California high schools as part of a “preview plus program” to introduce low-income high school students to the university.

The catastrophic injury resulted in the deaths of 10 people, including five teenagers, and hospitalized several others. The accident occurred when the FedEx truck side-swiped a car and then crossed the median hitting the bus.

While the investigation is ongoing, it is unclear whether the FedEx driver was distracted, intoxicated and asleep or whether a mechanical failure was the cause. Several witnesses have stated that the truck was on fire before it collided with the bus. Both the driver of the bus and the FedEx driver were killed in the accident. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has stated that they will not be speculating on the cause of the accident until a full investigation has been completed. The NTSB has stated that it might take up to 6 months for a final report to be issued on the accident.

The next few days will likely uncover information regarding the truck driver’s driving history, whether the truck driver suffered from a medical condition, the last inspection conducted on the FedEx truck and additional accounts from witnesses of the accident. The tracker on the FedEx truck is likely destroyed given the fire. Initial photographs after the accident show that the majority of the bus and truck were destroyed from the fire.
Sadly, this is yet another example of the deadly effects of truck accidents. It is important that large companies such as FedEx ensure that their drivers are properly trained and supervised. Companies that have large fleets of company trucks should make certain that those trucks pass rigorous inspections and are maintained in accordance with regulatory standards.

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