Pierce | Skrabanek PLLC Secures Maintenance and Cure Benefits for Jones Act Seaman

Mike Pierce of Pierce | Skrabanek PLLC was retained to represent an injured Jones Act seaman who suffered injuries to his neck aboard a fishing vessel. Less than two weeks after being hired, Pierce | Skrabanek PLLC was able to secure ongoing maintenance benefits for the seaman as well as an agreement by the fishing company’s insurer to pay for ongoing medical treatment.

An injured seaman is entitled to maintenance and cure. When maintenance and cure is not paid by the employer, a seaman may bring an action against his employer as part of a Jones Act injury claim or an individual claim. In many instances, employers may attempt to prevent a seaman from obtaining the maintenance and cure to which he is rightfully entitled. A seaman can obtain maintenance and cure even if he was not injured as a result of his employer or the condition of the vessel.


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