Paul Skrabanek

Paul Skrabanek

A native Texan, Paul grew up in Tomball, and like both of his parents, attended the University of Houston.  He graduated Cum Laude in 2003 with a Bachelor of Science in Physics and a second Bachelor of Science in Political Science.  Paul was inducted into Sigma Pi Sigma, the Physics Honor Society before graduating as one of the top ten students in the Physics department in 2003.

After leaving the University of Houston, Paul spent two years running political campaigns before deciding to enter law school.  This included a Congressional campaign in 2004.

Paul attended South Texas College of Law and graduated Magna Cum Laude in 2007. While at South Texas College of Law, Paul was a member of the South Texas Law Review. He received numerous honors including being named to the dean’s list five times, a member of the Order of the Lytae, and a Langdell Scholar.

At the outset of his legal career, Paul felt the best use of his skills was to help injured plaintiffs and working-class individuals obtain justice within our system.  Paul is licensed in both Texas and Louisiana.  He is admitted to practice before The Southern, Northern, Eastern, and Western Districts of Texas as well as the Eastern, Middle, and Western Districts of Louisiana.  He is also admitted before the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Paul has obtained over $54 million in verdicts and settlements. Paul was named a Texas Rising Star by Texas Monthly Magazine in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017. He was admitted to The Million Dollar Advocate Club in 2013. In 2017, he as named at Top 10 Attorney under 40 by the National Academy of Personal Injury Lawyers. Paul’s results include:

Verdicts & Settlements

$800 Million Settlement for the Victims of the Route 91 Harvest Festival Shooting
Paul Skrabanek successfully represented over 100 clients in the Route 91 Harvest Festival shooting that occurred October 1, 2018, at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The lawsuit involved the clients bringing claims against MGM, Live Nation, and CSC for faulty security among other claims.  Pierce Skrabanek, PLLC’s clients were among those parties participating in the $800,000,000 public settlement with MGM.

$4.9 Million for Injured Driller 
After a week-long trial in the 157th Judicial District Court, a unanimous Harris County jury awarded $4.9 Million to a Driller Injured off the Coast of Brazil.  The client was a driller working for Diamond Offshore off was 30 years old at the time of his accident, which occurred aboard the Ocean Yorktown. He sustained serious injuries to his left arm and back when he was unexpectedly hoisted over 20 feet in the air at which time his fall protection failed.

$4.8 Million Jury Award for Daughter of Deceased Seafood Processing Plant Employee
After a three-day trial in Beaumont, Texas, a unanimous jury awarded $4.8 Million to the daughter of a deceased seafood processing plant employee.  Specifically, the decedent was struck in the head while at work and his supervisors allowed him to lie in a break room for seven hours while bleeding from the head.  Ultimately, he died after being rushed to the hospital.

$2.4 Million Verdict for Injured Refinery Worker
Paul helped an injured refinery worker obtain a $2.4 Million verdict in the 80th Judicial District of Harris County.  The jury award was unanimous.  Paul took three of the seven witnesses at trial and got a defense expert struck on voir dire during trial. The Plaintiff suffered second and third-degree burns to 20% of his body.  His claims were against an engineering company that designed the equipment that caused his injuries. Defendant’s final offer prior to trial was $135,000.

$639,000 for Injured Motorist
Paul Skrabanek and Mike Pierce tried a case for an injured motorist.  There was a dispute as to whether the defendant driver was at fault.  After a week-long trial, the jury returned a unanimous verdict in the 234th Judicial District Court of Harris County, Texas.

$4 Million Settlement Recovered for Plant Explosion Victim
The Plaintiff was a Mississippi resident who suffered an injury while working in a Texas refinery. There was an explosion at the refinery and ultimately the injured worker had to have surgery to repair a broken arm and herniated disc in his low back.  Paul took all the liability and damages depositions in the case. This included heads of safety, operations, and maintenance, as well as operators. Paul also argued a portion of the case at the Court of Appeals.

$3.3 Million for Injured Offshore Worker
A worker aboard the Thunder Horse offshore rig was severely injured during the course of pumping quick seal negligently left in the rig’s tank by a previous worker. The injured party underwent surgery on multiple levels of his neck.

$2.25 Million for Injured Platform Worker
The worker suffered electric shock aboard an offshore platform that caused him to fall backward and also suffer physical injuries.  Paul took all depositions on the case and wrote all of the briefings.  The case settled the week before trial.

$2 Million for Injured Jones Act Worker
The case settled after only one deposition. The Plaintiff, a resident of Brownsville, suffered a serious back injury while working aboard a vessel in the Gulf of Mexico. Plaintiff was instructed to move a heavy roll of gasket material, which caused the Seaman to sustain a serious back injury. Although Plaintiff reported the injury to his supervisors he remained offshore and did not receive proper medical care until a week later. Consequently, Plaintiff’s Orthopedic Doctors recommended extensive treatment and surgery.

$2.0 Million Settlement for 18-wheeler driver
Paul obtained a $2.0 million settlement for an 18-wheeler driver who was rear-ended by another 18-wheeler driver in Louisiana. The claims were against the Defendant’s 18-wheeler driver as well as the company that employed him. The Plaintiff underwent two surgeries as a result of the collision. The case settled after numerous depositions to the satisfaction of the client.

$1.75 Million Recovered for Injured Crane Operator
The Plaintiff, from Dayton, Texas, was injured when he jumped from the cabin of a crane after part of the refinery in which he was working exploded.  He suffered knee and back injuries.

$1.75 Million Settlement for injured Jones Act Seaman
Paul represented a Jones Act seaman that suffered an injury when a toxic ammonia release occurred on a vessel that we have helping to service. The release overtook him causing him to fall and injure his back. He ultimately underwent surgery. Paul obtained a $1.75 Million settlement once the captain of the vessel transporting the chemicals admitted fault in a deposition Paul took.

$1.6 Million Recovered for Injured Platform Wireline Operator
The plaintiff suffered injuries to his neck and head when he was struck by a piece of metal grating. The plaintiff underwent neck surgery as a result of the injuries. Liability was hotly contested as well as elements of preexisting conditions and age as the cause of the plaintiff’s current condition.

$1.6 Million Settlement Obtained for Apartment Complex Owner
The Plaintiff owned an apartment complex wherein part of the complex burned. The claims were that the insurance carrier underpaid the damages. Paul took all of the depositions on the case and argued all hearings. The case settled the day before it was to proceed in Harris County.

$1.5 Million Settlement Obtained for Jones Act Seaman
The Plaintiff was a Jones Act seaman that was struck in the face with a piece of offshore equipment. Paul took 15 depositions on the case and argued a number of hearings before the case finally settled.

$1.5 Million Settlement Reached in Insurance Dispute
The Plaintiff owned an apartment complex in Dallas, Texas that suffered damage during a freak hail storm.  The insurance company refused to pay and otherwise denied his claim. Paul filed suit and was able to show the Defendant through discovery that it had miscalculated the damages and that as a result the insurance company owed a substantial sum.

$1.45M Settlement Won for Injured Offshore Worker
The case arose out of a back injury and subsequent surgery. This was a great result considering the seaman had suffered a prior back injury that required him to undergo a prior surgery to the same part of his back.

$1.2M Recovered for Injured Jones Act Seamen
The Plaintiffs, residents of Mississippi and Louisiana, suffered severe injuries while working aboard a vessel in the Gulf of Mexico. The vessel was traveling at a high rate of speed when it suddenly came to a complete stop after the Captain ran aground on the coast of Louisiana. As a result of the collision both Plaintiffs were thrown forward across the back deck and into the wheelhouse. One Plaintiff sustained injuries to his neck and back, and the other sustained injuries to his low back, knee, and foot. The Plaintiffs immediately began treating with orthopedic doctors.

$1.2 Million for Young Girl Molested at Apartment Complex
A temporary worker hired by a contractor doing work at a complex in Southwest Houston sexually assaulted a special needs young girl. Paul sued the Apartment Complex, Security Company, and Contractor. He obtained a combined $1.2 Million settlement in Harris County.

$1.03 Million Settlement for Injured Seaman
The seaman, a resident of Arkansas, worked as a roustabout on a jack-up vessel in the Gulf of Mexico. He suffered severe injuries when a drill pipe rolled onto his foot while he was assisting the crane in transferring the pipes to another deck on the vessel. As a result of the injury, the seaman had to undergo two surgeries that ultimately resulted in the amputation of his big toe.

$1 Million Settlement for Victim of PTSD
The plaintiff witnessed one of his best friends die of electrocution while working as a seaman aboard an oceangoing vessel. He suffered from Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Luckily, the plaintiff suffered no physical injuries.

$1 Million Recovered for Injured Industrial Worker
The worker was assigned the task of tack welding strips of metal in a machine that indexed backward and forward. On the date of his accident, the worker got caught in the machine as it closed. He suffered a crushed hip and broken leg. He remained conscious during the entire incident and was ultimately life-flighted to a hospital. He underwent a number of surgeries. This was a particularly good result for the worker as most of the fault fell on the employer for allowing the workers to get into the machine in the first place.

$975,000 Settlement on Behalf of Injured Jones Act Seaman
The seaman, a rigger on an offshore vessel, suffered a severe back injury transferring a tank from the vessel to a platform in the Gulf of Mexico. Due to the severity of his injuries, the seaman was required to undergo surgery to the lower area of his back. The defendants denied all responsibility for the accident and refused to pay maintenance and cure, claiming that his injuries were pre-existing.

$925,000 Settlement Won for Injured Offshore Worker
The Plaintiff was an offshore worker who was shocked by a piece of equipment and fell into a hole. Paul took all six depositions in the case and undertook all briefing.

$919,562 for Explosion Victims
The clients were industrial workers who suffered the effects of an explosion on the job. The explosion caused the two plaintiffs to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as well as some physical injuries.

$900,000 for Worker Injured in Basket Transfer
The plaintiff was on a personnel basket, going from a boat to a platform in foggy conditions, when the crane operator swung the basket into a handrail on the boat, knocking the plaintiff out of the basket. The client fell 10 feet to the deck of the boat, landing chest first and sustaining serious injuries.

$900,000 for Apartment Complex Burn Victim
Paul obtained a settlement on behalf of a burn victim against an apartment complex where the plaintiff’s ex-boyfriend threw gasoline onto her and lit her on fire.  This was a successful recovery in light of the complex legal hurdles in the case.

$875,000 Recovery for a Severely Burned Worker
The lawsuit arose because a fuel delivery company and oil company delivered diesel fuel to the worker’s job site that was contaminated with gasoline rendering the diesel fuel extremely volatile. The worker went to check the diesel level in a generator and the diesel ignited engulfing the worker in flames.

$850,000 Settlement for Injured Motorists
The clients suffered back injuries when they were struck by an 18-wheeler in East Texas. The case settled after 4 depositions.

$800,000 for Electric Shock Victim
The plaintiff was an electrician working on a barge docked in Port Arthur, Texas. He was working on a light fixture while standing on a ladder when he received a shock. As a result, he fell almost 20 feet, injuring his head, neck, back and leg. The defendant argued the accident was the electrician’s fault for not wearing proper fall protection and that his injuries were exaggerated.

$800,000 Obtained for Worker Injured in Arc Fire
The plaintiff was a laborer who suffered burns to his arm and neck when an arc fire started where he was conducting work. Paul took all of the depositions in the case and did all of the briefings.

$750,000 Settlement for Man Injured on Mississippi River
A seaman suffered a severe back injury while working as an engineer aboard a vessel.  The case resolved in less than 12 months.

$750,000 for Commercial Diver
The diver sustained a back injury while hoisting up diving equipment. The injuries required the diver to undergo lower back surgery. The settlement was successful, considering some preexisting back conditions that the worker had as well as a history of lower-wage earnings.

$700,000 Recovered for Injured Jones Act Seaman
The seaman’s severe back injury was a result of a slip and fall accident, causing him to fall aboard a research vessel. Due to the severity of his injuries, the seaman was required to undergo surgery to his low back.

$675,000 Settlement Obtained for Injured Offshore Worker
The offshore worker suffered injuries when co-workers dropped a piece of metal grating onto him. This was a particularly good result because the defendants raised the issue of whether the offshore worker was a Jones Act seaman. The offshore worker was engaged in plug and abandonment work on a platform at the time of his injuries.

$650,000 for Boater Run Over by a Barge
Paul was hired in to litigate a death case in Louisiana where his client ran his boat in front of a moving barge and was run over. Tragically, the Plaintiff died as a result of drowning under the barge. This favorable settlement was obtained in spite of the strong evidence of the Plaintiff’s fault for running in front of the barge.

$600,000 on an Un-operated Neck Offshore Case
The plaintiff was working as a deckhand when he tripped and fell over a large hose lying in the middle of the deck. The plaintiff injured his neck as a result of the fall. The case was settled three months in advance of the trial setting and after only one deposition.

$600,000 for an Apartment Burn Victim
Paul obtained a successful recovery on behalf of a plaintiff against an apartment complex after an arsonist set the complex ablaze.  The plaintiff had to jump out of a second-story window because all exits were blocked by fire.  Paul took all of the depositions and did all of the briefing in the case.

$565,000 Settlement for 18 Wheeler Victim
Paul obtained a $565,000 settlement on behalf of Mary Berryman who was involved in a collision with an 18-wheeler in December 2010. The case was settled out of court at a second mediation the week before trial. Berryman filed suit against Jose Peralta and Scorpion Transport in Dallas County Court alleging that Peralta ran a stop sign and caused a collision with her truck. Peralta and Scorpion alleged that Berryman was in the best position to avoid the collision simply by going around him. Ultimately, Berryman, now 62, suffered a back injury that required her to undergo surgery. Peralta and Scorpion contended that the 62-year-old’s condition was related to a prior incident in 2007 where doctor reports showed herniations in her low back and neck. After the first mediation in the case, the mediator issued a mediator’s proposal, which was rejected by both parties. However, at a second mediation, the week before trial, the Defendants and their insurance carrier paid in excess of the first mediator’s proposal. Paul was the lead attorney on the case.

$550,000 Obtained for Injured Jones Act Seaman
The plaintiff had suffered a low back injury during the picking up and moving of 100-pound sacks of drilling material. He claimed that his company did not provide him with (1) a safe means to move the sacks, (2) the proper personal protective equipment, and (3) the appropriate number of personnel to aid in the procedure. The case settled prior to the plaintiff undergoing surgery in his low back.

$500,000 Settlement for Offshore Back Injury
A Floorhand on an offshore rig suffered injury after picking up a piece of drill pipe.

$500,000 for Worker Injured by Fork Lift
The Plaintiff was working on an oilfield project with a number of other contractors. The Plaintiff decided to use the fork lift rented by another contractor. When he went to manually adjust the forks, the carriage assemble came loose and struck him in the chest causing him injuries to his back, chest, and arms. The Defendants contended that the Plaintiff did not do a proper pre-inspection check of the forklift, which would have revealed the problem with the carriage assembly. Paul argued that the rental company had improperly removed the safety pin, which caused the incident.

$475,000 Settlement for Man Sprayed by Caustic Chemical
The Plaintiff was a Jones Act seaman who sustained an injury to his right eye after being sprayed with a caustic chemical. The case settled the weekend before trial after Paul Skrabanek won almost all rulings at the pretrial hearing. He also took five depositions on the case.

$415,000 for Yacht Chef
The Plaintiff was a yacht chef who had her pinky finger pinched off in a line handling accident. Paul took six depositions on the case before settlement.

$400,000 Obtained for Lifting Accident
The Plaintiff was a Jones Act seaman that was injured in a lifting accident. The case settled prior to the Plaintiff undergoing surgery and after Paul Skrabanek took four depositions.

$350,000 Settlement for Injured Grocery Store Employee
Paul obtained a $350,000 settlement for a Plaintiff who fell from a faulty ladder at work and injured her head. The case settled after one deposition. The case was pending in Harris County.

$350,000 for Trip and Fall Victim
As the Plaintiff was leaving a hair salon in Montgomery County, Texas she fell down a set of stairs that was no readily visible as the Defendant property owner had not painted the nosing of the steps to make them distinguishable from the other portion of the sidewalk. Additionally, the set of stairs had a handrail that did not conform to industry-standard guidelines.

$350,000 for Rig Working who Injured His Shoulder
The Rig Worker injured his shoulder when he picked up a heavy piece of oilfield equipment unassisted. He underwent at least 4 shoulder surgeries as a result. Paul was able to make a case against the rig owner for negligently instructing the rig worker and rushing the job.

$270,000 for the Victim of an 18-Wheeler Wide Turn
The Plaintiff was passing an intersection when an 18-wheeler made a wide turn into him. Paul obtained a $270,000 settlement despite minimal property damage done to his client’s vehicle and no surgeries performed on the Plaintiff.

$250,000 Settlement for a Young Man Shot at an Apartment Complex
The Plaintiff had his leg amputated as a result of taking 2 shotgun blasts to it while visiting his girlfriend’s apartment complex. The case was difficult from a liability standpoint because there was a least some evidence that the assailants were intentionally targeting the Plaintiff. However, Paul obtained a favorable settlement after obtaining testimony from the apartment complex manager that it had not properly screened the shooter who also lived at the complex for a time.

$250,000 for a Couple Injured in a Go-Kart Accident
A married couple was attending a wedding in South Texas and went out for a fun night of go-karting that turned bad. For some unknown reason, the go-kart attendants did not open the start/stop gate during the race causing the Plaintiffs to crash into the gate. The case resolved in Brownsville, Texas.

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