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At Pierce Skrabanek, we dedicate ourselves fully to our clients and always pursue the highest possible compensation. We work tirelessly to ensure that you receive the justice you deserve.

The verdict and settlement amounts listed below are just a snapshot of the results our efforts have yielded for clients.

If you or a loved one of yours has suffered an injury caused by another’s negligence, don’t settle for just any law firm. Make sure you select a law firm that has the experience for your case — and the track record to prove it.

The personal injury lawyers at Pierce Skrabanek have won numerous multimillion-dollar verdicts and settlements for clients across the nation. We have been honored with multiple prestigious awards for success in litigating personal injury cases. These include induction into the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum and Million Dollar Advocates Forum.

When it comes to getting you results, we aren’t afraid to play hardball and prepare each case as if it were going to trial.

We Understand What You Are Going Through

Over the years, we have stood by our clients and their families as they have faced drastic challenges, whether it be financial loss, physical injury, or a change in work or lifestyle.

Our clients choose us not only due to our remarkable success record but because we treat them like family. We’ve earned a reputation for providing zealous legal representation, as well as compassionate attention to injury victims and their families.

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$117 Million

Jury Verdict for an Ambulance Accident Case

Mike Pierce was one of the lead lawyers responsible for obtaining a $117 million recovery for a catastrophic injury to a twenty-one-year-old mother of two. The suit involved a serious car accident that occurred while an Acadian Ambulance driver was transporting the plaintiff to the hospital. The jury returned a verdict of $117 million, which is the largest single personal injury verdict in Louisiana history.

$16.9 Million

Jones Act Verdict

Pierce Skrabanek secured a multi-million dollar verdict on behalf of a Jones Act seaman who contracted pneumonia while working on a jack-up rig in the Persian Gulf. Our attorneys were able to prove that the seaman became ill after being exposed to contaminated potable water while aboard the drilling rig.

$14 Million

Personal Injury Settlement in Jones Act Case

Mike Pierce was one of the lead trial lawyers responsible for helping settle a Jones Act case against Hercules Offshore two days before trial for $14 million. The plaintiff suffered severe head and orthopedic injuries when a piece of drill pipe fell from nearly 100 feet in the air and struck him in the head.

$11.6 Million

Catastrophic Injury Case

Mike Pierce was part of a trial team that obtained an $11.6 million jury verdict in a Houston, Texas claim. The case involved a worker who suffered a catastrophic injury that resulted in the loss of most of the sight in one of his eyes. The pretrial settlement offer was less than $300,000.

$2.5 Million

Product Liability Injury Victim

We worked on a plaintiff’s case regarding a defectively manufactured steering mechanism for a boat motor. A non-party lost the alleged defective part before the suit was filed. The plaintiff nevertheless prevailed on a defective manufacturing theory and obtained a total judgment of $2.5 million. The defendant offered no money to settle the case prior to trial.

$2 Million

Automobile Accident Victim

We served as second-chair trial attorney on a plaintiff’s case concerning injuries suffered in an automobile accident. The plaintiff obtained a total judgment in the amount of $2 million, which was approximately five times the defendant’s highest pretrial settlement offer.

$1.8 Million

Spinal Injury Case

We represented a client who was employed by a roofing company and fell through a skylight about 10 feet, breaking one of her vertebrae. She had a lumbar fusion, and her damages award covered medical expenses, physical pain and mental anguish, loss of earning capacity, and other costs.

$1.5 Million

Offshore Injury Case

We assisted the plaintiff in obtaining a total settlement in excess of $1.5 million shortly before trial. The case involved allegations that an offshore dispatcher physically assaulted a coil-tubing supervisor.

FAQs: Personal Injury Settlements

How do I know how much to ask for in a personal injury settlement?

Understanding how to calculate a personal injury settlement can be challenging. The court will review various factors to determine the damages, including the severity of the injury, the other party’s degree of negligence, and state/local injury laws.

An experienced personal injury lawyer can review the evidence and propose a compensation amount that fully captures your losses and expenses. A competent lawyer will be able to determine the projected long-term costs of the injury.

What is the average settlement for a personal injury?

There is no real average personal injury settlement amount, as each case will be unique. Ideally, your compensation should cover:

  • Costs of medical treatment
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of the ability to generate income
  • Pain and suffering
  • Other long-term costs (such as ongoing therapy)

The amount of compensation you receive often depends on the skill of the attorney handling your case. Thus, you should only work with qualified attorneys who have proven results in obtaining favorable outcomes for cases similar to yours.

How long do personal injury settlements take?

Most personal injury cases take anywhere from at least a few months to a year or even longer. Cases that involve multiple parties, complex legal issues, or difficult evidence matters may take longer.

At Pierce Skrabanek, you can rest assured that we will do all we can to keep your case moving forward. We also shoulder all the responsibilities of trial, so you can focus on your recovery.

How can a personal injury lawyer help?

Personal injury lawyers can provide you with a number of services that are required for successfully recovering a monetary damages award. Your attorney will:

  • Review the facts and circumstances of your case
  • Analyze the law to determine your rights and options
  • Build a strong legal strategy for your claim
  • Prepare and present evidence for trial
  • Argue for the best possible personal injury settlement

If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident and are seeking compensation for your losses, contact us at (832) 690-7000 to speak with a personal injury lawyer. Our attorneys are on hand to guide you towards your next steps for recovery.