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Disputes between you and your insurance carrier are best handled by an attorney who is experienced in the complexities of insurance litigation. 

Carrying car insurance, medical insurance, or business insurance can protect you and your interests in case of an accident. However, sometimes legal disputes and issues may arise between you and your insurance carrier. Having a qualified insurance claim lawyer on your side can make all the difference when it comes to pursuing a lawsuit.

The insurance claim lawyers at Pierce Skrabanek have decades of experience in dealing with large corporations and insurance carriers. We understand the legal strategies and tactics that they might use against you. Contact our Texas-based team online or by calling (832) 690-7000 to set up your free consultation. Read on to learn more about insurance claims litigation and how an attorney can help you.

What Kind of Damages Are Available in an Insurance Claim Lawsuit? 

In an insurance claim lawsuit, the damages you can recover will depend on the specific circumstances of your case and the terms of your insurance policy. 

  • Policy benefits: You can recover the benefits or coverage provided by your insurance policy, which may include compensation for various types of losses, depending on the type of insurance you have. This can include compensation for property damage, medical expenses, lost wages, or liability coverage
  • Consequential damages: You may be entitled to recover consequential damages that result from the initial loss. These can include additional expenses incurred as a result of the covered event, such as temporary living expenses after a house fire or rental car costs following an auto accident.
  • Interest: You may be entitled to recover interest on the benefits owed under the insurance policy, particularly if the insurer unreasonably delays payment.
  • Attorney's fees and costs: If your insurance policy or local laws allow for it, you may recover attorney's fees and legal costs associated with pursuing the lawsuit. Some jurisdictions may require the insurer to pay these fees if you prevail in the lawsuit.
  • Emotional distress: In some cases, particularly those involving bad faith insurance practices, you may be able to recover damages for emotional distress caused by the insurer's actions.

It is important to thoroughly review your insurance policy and consult with an attorney who is familiar with the complexities of insurance law. Your attorney can help you understand the specific terms and coverage of your policy, as well as the potential damages you can recover in your particular case. 

The laws and regulations governing insurance claims and lawsuits vary by jurisdiction, so be sure to seek legal counsel to ensure you are pursuing the appropriate damages under the relevant laws.

What Is Insurance Litigation?

Insurance litigation refers to the legal process in which disputes and conflicts between policyholders and insurance companies are resolved through litigation. Disputes between you and your insurance carrier may arise for various reasons, including claim denials, disputes over coverage, disagreements regarding the amount of compensation, or allegations of bad faith on the part of the insurer. 

One of the most common reasons for insurance litigation is when an insurance company denies a policyholder's claim. Policyholders may believe that the denial is unjust, and they may need to file a lawsuit to challenge the denial and seek the benefits they are entitled to.

Insurance litigation can cover a wide range of insurance types, including health, auto, homeowners, commercial, and more. When a dispute arises between you and your insurance provider, an insurance claim lawyer can help you navigate the legal process.

First-Party and Third-Party Claims

Insurance disputes are typically divided into two main categories: “First-Party” claims and “Third-Party” claims. A first-party claim is brought by the insured party directly against the insurer. This is usually done for a loss they sustained, such as losses caused by a fire.

In contrast, a third-party claim is brought by the insured against a third party — someone not listed on the insurance policy. The conflict usually involves the scope of the coverage as well as determining who is liable for the damage.

For both first-party and third-party claims, the dispute is typically resolved through formal litigation. The legal proceedings aim to determine the rights of the parties under the policy coverage, and to issue an appropriate remedy for the injured party’s losses.

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How Can a Texas Insurance Claim Lawyer Help Me?

A Texas insurance claim lawyer can provide valuable assistance in various ways if you are dealing with an insurance claim dispute. Your attorney can help you with: 

  • Policy review: An attorney can review your insurance policy to ensure you understand your rights and the extent of your coverage. They can also explain the terms and conditions of your policy to help you make informed decisions.
  • Negotiation: Your insurance claim lawyer can negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf to maximize your compensation. Whether it's property damage, medical expenses, or other losses, they can work to secure a fair settlement on your behalf. 
  • Claim denial appeals: If your claim is denied, your attorney can help you appeal the decision. 
  • Bad faith claims: In cases of bad faith insurance practices, an attorney can pursue a bad faith claim against the insurance company. If the insurer acted unfairly or unreasonably in handling your claim, your attorney can seek additional damages for you.
  • Court representation: If your case goes to court, your attorney will represent you in all legal proceedings, present your case to the judge and jury, and work to secure a favorable outcome.

An insurance claim lawyer can be a valuable ally in navigating the complexities of insurance disputes, ensuring that you receive the compensation you deserve, and protecting your rights throughout the claims process.

Your attorney can even help you before you submit your claim to your insurance company. Hiring an attorney to help you file your claim upfront can greatly reduce potential disputes and conflicts in the long run.

Proudly Representing Residents Across Texas

If you're facing an insurance claim issue in Texas, consult with an attorney who is experienced in insurance law and insurance claim lawsuits to discuss your specific situation and the best course of action. Contact Pierce Skrabanek online or at (832) 690-7000 to set up your confidential and no-cost consultation.

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Contact an Insurance Claim Lawyer Sooner Rather than Later

As for the timing of when to contact an insurance claim lawyer, it’s always better to get in touch with a lawyer sooner than later. If your claim has already been denied, it may be more difficult to challenge or appeal the claim (though it is still certainly possible).

Working with a lawyer before you even submit your claim is a better approach, as your attorney can help you review your claim and any other relevant documents. They can also help identify potential points of dispute, which can help avoid conflicts in the long run.

If you have any questions at all about an insurance claim or issue, contact Pierce Skrabanek at 832-690-7000 to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation regarding your claim.


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Hire a Texas Lawyer for Insurance Claims 

If you find yourself in a dispute with your insurance company, one of the most important steps that you can take is hiring an attorney. Insurance claims and lawsuits against insurance companies can be incredibly complicated. An experienced insurance claims lawyer can make sense of the situation and make sure you receive the benefits you are entitled to under the law. 

Why Choose Pierce Skrabanek

The insurance claim attorneys at Pierce Skrabanek have decades of experience in insurance claim litigation. We have secured many victories for our clients across a broad range of lawsuits including auto insurance, hurricane insurance, and property insurance. 

Contact the insurance litigation attorneys at Pierce Skrabanek online or by calling (832) 690-7000. We are standing by to make sure that your case is handled professionally from the very beginning. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of insurance claims can an attorney help me with?

There are various types of insurance claims. Understanding the different types can help you select the attorney with the experience you need for your claim.

Common types of insurance claim disputes include:

  • Residential property insurance disputes: These involve disputes over policies that cover your home. These often involve compensation after an accident occurs at a home, or when a natural disaster strikes.
  • Hurricane insurance claims: These are a specific type of property claim dealing with damage from hurricanes, such as those caused by Hurricane Laura. They often deal with issues such as severe wind damage or temporary housing while the property is being repaired. Hurricane insurance is a common concern for many residents.
  • Car accident insurance claims: Such claims involve coverage for property damage, injuries, and other losses that may be associated with car accidents. There may be overlap with healthcare coverage issues for the injuries.

Insurance litigation can involve a wide range of disputes happening in various areas of your life. You should select an insurance claim lawyer who has knowledge in dealing with the particular issue at hand.

Do I need to go to court for my insurance claim lawsuit?

Not all insurance claim lawsuits go to court. Many are settled through negotiation or alternative dispute resolution methods. However, if a satisfactory resolution cannot be reached, your case may proceed to court. At Pierce Skrabanek, our insurance claim attorneys have the experience needed to provide you with thorough representation for your case from start to finish.

How do I choose the right attorney for my insurance claim lawsuit?

When selecting an attorney, look for experience in insurance law, a track record of success in similar cases, and effective communication. A personal consultation can help you determine if an attorney is a good fit for your needs.

When should I contact a Texas insurance claim attorney?

Most consumers have never dealt with an insurance conflict. It can be confusing and intimidating, and you might not know where to begin. You should contact an insurance claim lawyer if you are facing:

  • Claims where you and an insurance adjuster have disagreements early on
  • Complex claims involving many parties
  • Claims where it is difficult to establish fault
  • Large claims involving severe damage, such as after a hurricane, tornado, or flood
  • Insurance claims where you suspect fraud may be a factor

Common incidents of insurance fraud committed by an insurance company may include: denying claims without a thorough review, often in the face of sufficient evidence, delaying claims, or undervaluing or understating the amount of damage done to the property.

Contact the insurance claims litigation team at Pierce Skrabanek online or by calling (832) 583-1862.