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How Can a Houston Jones Act Attorney Help You?

In the dynamic world of maritime employment, the safety of the workers should be paramount. When accidents occur at sea, understanding your rights under the Jones Act becomes crucial.

The Jones Act, formally known as the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, is a federal law that provides legal remedies to seamen who are injured or become ill while working on vessels in navigable waters. It allows eligible maritime workers to pursue compensation for injuries caused by employer negligence.

At Pierce Skrabanek, we understand the unique challenges faced by maritime workers, and we are dedicated to ensuring that your rights under the Jones Act are vigorously defended. If you've experienced an injury while working at sea, our team of experienced Jones Act attorneys is here to guide you through the legal intricacies and fight for the compensation you rightfully deserve.

As advocates for justice on the high seas, we've compiled essential information, frequently asked questions, and the knowledge resources needed to make informed decisions about your case. Whether you're a seasoned maritime professional or new to the industry, our goal is to be your trusted legal partner in securing the compensation and justice you deserve.

Our team is ready to help you and your family with Jones Act claims, ensuring that your voice is heard and your rights are protected every step of the way.

Contact us online or by calling our Houston offices at (832) 690-7000. When you're ready to discuss your case, we're here to listen, strategize, and advocate on your behalf. Your journey to maritime justice begins here.

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What Kind of Compensation Can a Houston Jones Act Injury Lawyer Help You Secure?

If you've been injured as a maritime worker in Houston, a Jones Act injury lawyer can help you secure various types of compensation, depending on the circumstances of your case. 

Here are some potential forms of compensation that a Jones Act injury lawyer may help you pursue:

  • Medical Expenses: A Jones Act injury lawyer can help you seek compensation for all reasonable and necessary medical expenses related to your injury. These may include doctor's visits, hospital stays, surgery, medication, rehabilitation, and any other medical treatments.
  • Lost Wages: If your injury prevents you from working or results in a loss of income, a Jones Act lawyer can help you pursue compensation for lost wages, including past and future earnings.
  • Pain and Suffering: In addition to economic damages (such as medical expenses and lost wages), a Jones Act injury lawyer may help you seek compensation for non-economic damages. These can cover pain and suffering, mental anguish, and loss of enjoyment of life.
  • Disability Benefits: If your injury results in a permanent disability or impairment, a Jones Act lawyer can assist you in pursuing disability benefits, which may include compensation for the loss of earning capacity.
  • Wrongful Death Benefits: In the unfortunate event of a maritime worker's death due to a work-related injury, a Jones Act lawyer can help surviving family members pursue wrongful death benefits. Compensation may cover funeral expenses, loss of financial support, and other costs.

It's important to note that the specific compensation you may be entitled to depends on the details of your case, the severity of your injuries, and other factors. Consulting with an experienced Jones Act injury lawyer in Houston will help you understand your rights and navigate the legal process to seek the compensation you deserve.

What Is Most Important to Know About Jones Act Claims?

Understanding the key aspects of Jones Act claims is crucial for maritime workers who may be entitled to compensation for work-related injuries. 

Here are some important things to know about Jones Act claims:

  • Eligibility: The Jones Act applies to "seamen," which includes individuals who spend a significant amount of their working time on a vessel in navigation. This can include crew members of ships, offshore oil rigs, fishing vessels, and other maritime workers on tugboats or ferryboats.
  • Negligence Requirement: Unlike workers' compensation, the Jones Act requires the injured seaman to prove that the employer or a co-worker's negligence contributed to their injury. This negligence can include unsafe working conditions, failure to provide proper training, or inadequate maintenance of equipment.
  • Maintenance and Cure: Injured seamen are entitled to receive maintenance and cure benefits, covering daily living expenses and medical expenses, regardless of who was at fault for the injury. These benefits continue until the seaman reaches maximum medical improvement.

Understanding these key aspects of Jones Act claims can help injured maritime workers take appropriate actions to protect their rights and pursue the compensation they deserve. 

Consulting with a knowledgeable attorney is highly recommended to navigate the complexities of maritime law. Contact Pierce Skrabanek in Houston at (832) 690-7000 for help understanding the law so you can make the best decision for yourself and your loved ones.

What Does a Houston Jones Act Injury Attorney Do For Your Case?

A Houston Jones Act injury attorney plays a crucial role in helping maritime workers who have been injured on the job. 

Here are some key functions that a Jones Act injury attorney in Houston may perform for your case:

  • Investigation: Attorneys from Pierce Skrabanek investigate the circumstances surrounding your injury, gathering evidence to establish liability and support your case. We collect and review relevant documents, such as accident reports, medical records, and employment contracts.
  • Negotiations: Our team will engage in negotiations with the responsible parties, their insurers, or legal representatives to reach a fair settlement. We advocate on your behalf to secure the maximum compensation available under the law.
  • Litigation: If a settlement cannot be reached, your attorney may initiate legal proceedings and represent you in court. That may involve presenting your case before a judge and jury, and arguing for the compensation you are entitled to under the Jones Act.

Having an experienced Jones Act injury attorney in Houston is crucial to navigating the complexities of maritime law. Lawyers help ensure that you receive fair compensation for your personal injuries. They can provide the expertise needed to build a strong case and effectively advocate for your rights.

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Daryl M.

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“My experience with Mr. Skrabanek was honestly far better than all expectations that we had. He took care of us like we were family, making sure me and my wife always felt like a priority and walked us through all of the concerns that we had. If you are looking for a professional who truly cares for his clients you can stop the search. You won’t be disappointed.”

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“Mike and his team helped me settle an injury claim case. I was informed and helped through every step and they were always professional and very responsive. I really enjoyed working with them.”

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“My attorney, Michael, did an amazing job with my case. He’s a straight shooter and has a vast knowledge of the law combined with an extensive amount of experience, making him a fantastic attorney. I fully recommend this firm.

Thank you Pierce Skrabenek!”

Gabriela C.

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“Paul Skrabanek of the law firm Pierce Skrabanek was very professional and went above & beyond in handling my daughter's case. Very dedicated, worked diligently, and got justice for my family. If I could give a higher rating than 5 stars I would. Thank you and your firm for such tenacity.”

Raymond H.

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“These guys are awesome, they were very informative from the beginning to end, working with them was super smooth, and I had all questions answered thoroughly. The whole team at this firm works to help in every way they can. They were able to get me the compensation I deserved and exceeded my expectations. If you’re ever in need of a stellar team to stand behind you and work for you, these guys are the ones you would want in your corner.

Thank you very much Paul and thank your team for me.”

Cam F.

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“Working with Paul Skrabanek was a very positive experience. He helped me understand the legal process as someone who has never been a part of a lawsuit, and was able to get me settled quickly and painlessly! Loved working with Pierce Skrabanek law firm!”

Michele R.

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Michael Pierce and his team, especially Krystle, were very professional, always available (even on weekends), and very knowledgeable. We appreciate their hard work on our case and the time they took to explain every detail as our case progressed. Mike is a phenomenal attorney and we highly recommend them for your legal needs.”

Beverly C.

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“I found Mr. Skrabanek to be very trustworthy, creditable, and genuinely concerned about my well-being while I was going through this very difficult process. He showed constant concern for me being completely satisfied before making any final decisions.”

Diane T.

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“Fantastic team of attorneys and staff dedicated to their clients. Michael Pierce is an outstanding trial attorney for personal injury cases.”

Deborah S.

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“We watched, participated & listened to Paul Skrabanek fight for a settlement which we could be happy with. Just this month the case has been put to rest.”

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Navigating a Jones Act claim demands experience, diligence, and a commitment to justice. With Pierce Skrabanek, you have a trusted ally to guide you through every legal nuance, from the initial consultation to resolution. 

Why Hire Pierce Skrabanek

The attorneys at Pierce Skrabanek have years of experience in Texas with Jones Act cases. We stand ready to be your legal anchor in the challenging waters of maritime law. Our seasoned team of Jones Act lawyers is dedicated to ensuring that you not only understand your rights but also receive the compensation you rightfully deserve.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose my own doctor for medical treatment under the Jones Act?

Yes, injured seamen have the right to choose their own doctors for medical treatment. Employers cannot dictate which doctor the injured worker must see.

How is a Jones Act lawsuit different from a workers' compensation claim?

Unlike workers' compensation, the Jones Act allows seamen to sue their employers for negligence. This means you must prove that your employer's negligence, or the vessel's unseaworthiness, directly contributed to your injuries.

How is negligence proven in a Jones Act claim?

To establish negligence, the injured seaman must demonstrate that the employer or a co-worker's actions (or lack thereof) directly contributed to the injury. This could involve unsafe working conditions, failure to provide proper training, or inadequate maintenance of equipment.

What is an unseaworthiness claim?

In addition to negligence claims, seamen may bring unseaworthiness claims, asserting that the vessel or equipment was not reasonably fit for its intended purpose. Unseaworthiness claims do not require proof of negligence. Contact Pierce Skrabanek at (832) 690-7000 in Houston for more specific, actionable information.