November 13, 2021
April 7, 2024

Travis Scott Astroworld Update: The Death Count Rises

The Travis Scott/Astroworld 2021 mass casualty incident continues to have devastating effects. As investigations proceed, more facts are revealed, rumors dispelled, and unfortunately, young concertgoers and their families continue to suffer.The Houston-based law firm of Pierce Skrabanek has compiled the following important updates. If you need legal representation for the ongoing case against Travis Scott and Astroworld, contact us today at (832) 690-7000 – we’re here to help your voice be heard.

What Happened at the Travis Scott Astroworld Concert?

After a day of music, with seemingly isolated instances of crowds pushing through security checkpoints in the afternoon, rapper Travis Scott took the stage at 9 PM. Here is the timeline for the night of November 5:

  • At 9:38 PM, people in the crowd began to pass out, and videos show music playing over clearly unconscious audience members.
  • By 10 PM, life-saving CPR was being performed on the ground as rapper and songwriter Drake joined the stage with Travis Scott. Fans went unheard as they begged for the show to stop, and an ambulance was seen attempting to move through the crowd to render aid.
  • The concert ended at 10:10 PM according to Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, ​​nearly 40 minutes after Houston Police declared it a “mass casualty incident.”

In just over an hour, multiple lives were lost and families devastated. The questions people are now left asking: what is Astroworld and Travis Scott’s responsibility? Could the events at Astroworld in 2021 have been prevented based on Travis Scott’s 2015 and 2017 convictions for endangering concertgoers, and inciting his audiences to “chaos” and mayhem? What about the rumors that someone was injecting people in the crowd?

Though investigations continue to play out, we finally have some crucial answers. There is also one more name to add to those who were lost and deserve justice.

What Are the Latest Updates to the Travis Scott Astroworld Tragedy?

Over a week after the Astrofest/Travis Scott mass casualty event, here is what we know:

  • A total of 10 young people have died. Their names and ages are: Mirza Baig (27), Rodolfo Peña (23), Madison Dubiski (23), Bharti Shahani (22), Franco Patiño (21), Axel Acosta Avila (21), Jacob Jurinke (20), Brianna Rodriguez (16), John Hilgert (14), and most recently the youngest, ​​Ezra Blount (9).
  • More than 100 lawsuits have been filed. The defendants named in the lawsuits include performers Travis Scott and Drake, as well as Astroworld Festival organizers like Live Nation Entertainment, ScoreMore Shows promotion company, and the Harris County Sports and Convention Corporation, which manages the NRG Park in Houston.
  • Travis Scott is still actively being sued for a previous crowd incitement. In 2017, Scott encouraged audience members to jump from a balcony at a venue in New York. Kyle Green became paralyzed when he fell from that balcony during the concert. His lawyer informed TIME magazine that Green’s lawsuit is still in the discovery phase.
  • Previous shows by Astroworld Festival’s promoter have a history of 200+ deaths. A recent report shows that over 750 people have been injured at Live Nation Entertainment events since 2006, and over 200 individuals have died due to causes like trampling.
  • An Astroworld security guard confirms he wasn't injected with drugs. There was suspicion that someone in the crowd was injecting people with unknown substances, with one security guard saying he felt a prick on his neck before passing out. Today it’s confirmed he was not injected with drugs, and that the havoc and harm experienced that night was likely due to unsafe concert conditions.

Evidence continues to mount against Travis Scott and Astroworld. There is a pattern of knowingly unsafe behavior, no one else to blame but themselves, and victims and families who deserve justice. The time has come for legal action.

Travis Scott and the backers of Astroworld have prioritized profit over people – by contacting an attorney today, you can help remove that profit motive, and stop this kind of tragic event from happening again.

How Can You Hold Travis Scott and Astroworld Accountable?

Crowd surges have been happening for centuries. They are why exits are clearly labeled, why those exit doors are never locked from the inside, and why there are capacity caps on certain venues. The fact that 10 lives have been lost due to avoidable overcrowding at the Astroworld Festival is unacceptable.

Pierce Skrabanek is now representing at least 20 individuals in Astroworld lawsuits. If you were injured, impacted, or lost a family member due to the preventable tragedy at the Travis Scott/Astroworld concert, the most powerful thing you can do now is hold them accountable. By exercising your right to pursue a personal injury or wrongful death case, you can seek justice for yourself and your family, and help save future lives by bringing consequences to those who were negligent.

Make sure Travis Scott and the backers of Astroworld have prioritized profit over people for the last time. Reach out to Pierce Skrabanek through our online contact form or call us directly at (832) 690-7000. By standing up for yourself today, you can help remove that profit motive and stop this kind of tragic event from happening again.

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