October 2, 2015
April 7, 2024

How Well Do You Know Houston?

If you call Houston home like us, then this post is for you. We’ve met some Houston residents over the years who weren’t aware of the some of the amazing things we have going on for us here in the largest city in the great state of Texas.

Let’s talk about a few of them. We could go on and on, but you’ll get the idea.
  • We’re the most diverse city in the U.S. Forget New York – according to a 2012 study by Rice University, Houston is the most diverse city in the nation. Two of our suburbs (Pearland and Missouri City) are just as diverse, and actually less segregated than Houston, according to the study.
  • We have the largest medical center in the world. Texas Medical Center is nearly a city of its own, complete with a distinctive skyline. Its 21 hospitals treat some seven million patients each year, and more heart surgeries are performed at the center than anywhere else in the world. The M.D. Anderson Cancer Center is commonly regarded as the nation’s best cancer hospital.
  • Our history runs deep. You probably know that Houston is named after Sam Houston, but did you know Houston was actually founded by two New Yorkers? They named it after Houston just one month before he was elected president of the Republic of Texas. From our time as the second largest city in the Republic to the railroad days to the energy boom, this city hasn’t had a dull moment.
  • We send people to space. The Johnson Space Center is NASA’s home for its human spaceflight programs, as well as the Mission Control Center. The men who have walked the moon trained here in Houston, and they communicated with ground crews in Houston from the surface of the moon.
  • We love the arts. Our Theater District has the second-highest concentration of theater seats in the nation. We’re among the few American cities that have resident companies for all the big performing arts categories: orchestra, opera, ballet and theater. Take advantage of it.
  • We create more jobs than any other city. In 2013, Houston was named No. 1 in the nation for job creation by the U.S. Bureau of Statistics. The economic downtown a few years ago went easy on Houston, and the jobs we did lost have returned, according to the federal government.
  • It’s affordable to live here. The housing bubble didn’t hit Houston they way it did many other places. The average salary in Houston is high by national standards, yet the average housing cost is low by national standards – a win-win.
We could keep going… (Did you know Houston is home to the National Museum of Funeral History?) but we’ll leave it at that.

Make sure you read up, because we’ll be having a quiz in a future blog post to make sure you’ve got your Houston facts straight.

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