Francis Scott Key Bridge
Our firm is investigating the causes behind these regrettable deaths and injuries the Dail
April 1, 2024
April 7, 2024

Investigating the Francis Scott Key Bridge Collapse in Baltimore

Our firm is investigating the causes behind these regrettable deaths and injuries the Dail, its owner, and its operator caused.

The Francis Scott Key Bridge Collapse - What We Know:

Grace Ocean Private Ltd. the owner of the DALI, a 985 ft "mid-sized" container ship, and Synergy Marine Group, the operator of the ship, will likely be facing dozens of lawsuits due to its collision with the Francis Scott Key Bridge. Danish shipping giant Maersk had chartered the vessel for a trip from Baltimore to Sri Lanka.

Baltimore is one of the nation's largest shipping hubs, and incidents of vessels hitting bridges are not uncommon. The Dali was involved in a collision with a quay in Antwerp, Belgium in 2016 and detained while undergoing repairs to its hull.

The ship's owner, leasing companies, and operators will need to compensate victims and the families of victims who were injured or killed. Working in favor of investigators to determine the cause is that the ship is intact and did not sink or was destroyed due to fire. This means that shipping logs, maintenance records, engine inspections, and crew interviews can be carried out to determine what went wrong.

Why Choose Pierce Skrabanek to Represent You or Your Loved One in a Francis Scott Key Bridge Collapse Case

Families come to meet with the lawyers of Pierce Skrabanek when going through the most difficult time of their lives due to the loss of a loved one. The firm has represented victims and families in major cases, including the 2017 MGM / Route 91 Music Festival that killed 60 and injured more than 400 people. A settlement of $800 million was approved two years later in 2019.

In 2014, Michael Pierce served as the first chair trial attorney in a lawsuit alleging that a drilling company failed to provide sanitary water to its employees working aboard a drilling rig in the Persian Gulf, resulting in a $16.9 million verdict.

While our experience in Maritime Law spans around the world, our first role is to provide counsel to those who are enduring a tragedy. We must provide reliable answers to questions families have and ensure justice is served.

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