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April 7, 2024

What to Do After a Car Accident Injury: Important First Steps

A car accident is a traumatic event, no matter how small. Injuries can occur with even the lightest fender-bender or rear-end accident between vehicles, and at higher speeds there are even greater risks of harm. When a crash happens, knowing what to do after a car accident injury can greatly improve your future.

The auto accident attorneys at Pierce Skrabanek have compiled this quick list explaining the most vital steps to take after a vehicular injury, and why they matter. If you need legal representation right away, call us at (832) 690-7000—we have the experience to help you find justice in the aftermath of a car accident.

What Should You Do After a Car Accident?

The most important steps to take after any car accident can be summed up in three words: safety, security, and solutions.


The first priority after an auto accident is to check for and treat injuries. Safety checks may involve:

  • Calling an ambulance for medical evaluation
  • Clearing the crash area by removing cars from the road or covering up spilled gasoline
  • Going to the hospital for thorough scans or emergency care

Accessing medical care and removing hazards to keep other drivers safe are immediate concerns after a car accident.


Once medical needs are met, your security is key. Security includes actions like:

  • Calling the police and filing an accident report
  • Taking pictures, trading insurance information, and noting the contact info of witnesses
  • Gathering your valuables out of the vehicle before it’s towed like electronics, your keys, your wallet, and other items containing identifying details

By recording as much information as possible at the time of the crash, you help protect yourself and secure evidence that may be extremely valuable later.


The process of repair and recovery after an accident can be a long one, but an attorney can help with every step. Solutions after a car accident could mean:

  • Contacting a car accident lawyer to help with advice on evidence gathering
  • Consulting an attorney before accepting any insurance settlements
  • Hiring a lawyer to pursue a car accident lawsuit if your losses are greater than initial offers

It’s crucial that you do not sell yourself short after a car accident. Internal and unseen injuries (like brain injuries) have long-lasting effects, and may impact your ability to work and thrive in the future. A lawyer has your best interests in mind, while insurance agencies do not. Find more info on insurance company issues in the next section.

After a car accident, safety, security, and solutions are the key steps to take for the best possible outcome.

Does Health Insurance Cover Car Accident Injuries?

Between auto insurance and health insurance, many people assume their injuries after a car accident will be covered. Unfortunately, insurance companies often underpay or refuse coverage for injuries. The reason: insurance companies are businesses, and their financial incentive is to minimize costs and payouts on their end as much as possible.

The good news is that insurance companies can be negotiated with. A car accident attorney from Pierce Skrabanek can present documentation of your hospital bills, reduced wages, damaged property, and other losses. The insurance companies may then improve their settlement offer to avoid a lawsuit. If not, Pierce Skrabanek knows what your personal costs are truly worth, and will not hesitate in taking any insurer to trial.

A successful settlement or verdict could mean coverage for:

  • Medical bills for emergency care and ongoing recovery therapy
  • Lost wages and other job-related losses like used time off, missed advancement opportunities, and increased health insurance premiums
  • Damaged property costs required to repair or replace your car and any other possessions (cracked phone screens, ruined clothing, etc.)
  • Pain and suffering for the psychological effects of the accident, especially if they cause physical symptoms like hair loss, panic attacks, or skin breakouts
  • Wrongful death expenses for the surviving family members of anyone lost due to a fatal car accident, including funds to cover loss of income and support from a family’s main breadwinner

There is another consideration if your car accident was caused by another person’s carelessness such as DUI or distracted driving. A judge may award punitive damages, which are fees charged as punishment to the wrongdoer, and then granted to you. These forms of compensation may be accessed with the help of a skilled attorney from Pierce Skrabanek.

Car Accident Testimonials for Pierce Skrabanek

Hear testimonials from our previous clients about their experience working with Pierce Skrabanek:

I just want to say that Paul Skrabanek and his firm are absolutely wonderful to work with. When a large insurance company refused to even offer a settlement after deciding not to pay on coverage I had been paying on for years, we were set to go to trial. As a last ditch effort, we met for mediation. After several hours of fierce negotiations, we reached a satisfactory settlement. Many thanks to Paul Skrabanek and his firm.

- Debra S.

Michael Pierce and his team were very professional, always available (even on weekends), and very knowledgeable. We appreciate their hard work on our case and the time they took to explain every detail as our case progressed. Mike is a phenomenal attorney and we highly recommend them for your legal needs.

- Michele R.

I was referred to Pierce Skrabanek based on the area of expertise required for my case. I found them to be very trustworthy, creditable, and genuinely concerned about my well being while I was going through this very difficult process. They have a way of getting the job done while making you know that what you think or feel always matters.

- Beverly C.

The lawyers at Pierce Skrabanek have decades of experience, and handle nationwide cases. We’re here to help you move forward from a bad accident with the best possible outcome.

How Long Do You Have to Report Injury After a Car Accident? Contact Help Today

All states in the U.S. have a filing deadline for personal injury cases, including car accidents. For example, Pierce Skrabanek is headquartered in Texas, where the filing deadline is two years after the date of the injury. If you miss this window, it doesn’t matter how strong your case is, or how serious your injuries, the lawsuit will likely be dismissed entirely.

Whether you’ve been in a collision with another car, commercial truck, or Uber/Lyft rideshare vehicle, the attorneys at Pierce Skrabanek are prepared to identify and pursue all available resources. A call to us today could set the ball rolling to make sure you don’t miss out on the coverage and compensation you deserve.

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