Texas Hurricane Damage Attorneys

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Why Do You Need a Texas Hurricane Damage Lawyer?

Hurricanes can result in massive property damage, destroyed infrastructure, and gridlocked insurance claims. A Texas hurricane damage lawyer can help make sure your case moves through the system for a timely, comprehensive settlement.

People often lose property they have worked their entire lives to obtain in a hurricane.

Besides property losses, victims also face complex insurance issues, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) claims, lost documents, and other legal difficulties. These can make it even more difficult to obtain the assistance needed after a crisis. We’re here to help.

As Texas residents in Houston, we at Pierce Skrabanek have experienced firsthand the damage and challenges hurricanes can bring. Our community is near and dear to our hearts, and we aim to help as many people as we can to obtain the compensation they need after a hurricane. 

Don’t miss out on the compensation you deserve because insurance companies want you to settle for less, or because claims are undervalued, delayed, or denied. If you have been affected by a major hurricane in your area, contact Texas hurricane claims attorneys at Pierce Skrabanek online or by calling (832) 690-7000 for advice or representation. 

Our lawyers can explain details about your insurance coverage that you might not be aware of. We also have the experience necessary to help you deal with insurance companies, secure your payout funds, and move on with your life.

For more information, listen to Texas attorney Paul Skrabanek discussing the legal impacts of hurricanes in an episode of the Ringler Radio Podcast.
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What Kind of Settlement Can a Texas Hurricane Lawyer Help You Secure?

A Texas hurricane lawyer can help you secure various types of settlements and compensation, including funds for:

  • Property damage: We can assist you in obtaining full compensation for repairing or replacing your damaged home or property.
  • Business interruption: For business owners, your attorney can help recover income losses resulting from the hurricane's impact on your operations and income.
  • Insurance disputes: Our lawyers can help dispute denied or underpaid insurance claims. We do this to secure the coverage you are entitled to for the actual costs you’ve endured, not the estimate from potentially frazzled insurance adjusters after a storm.
  • Personal injury compensation: If you or a loved one was injured during the hurricane, you can help you seek compensation for costs like medical expenses and pain and suffering.
  • Environmental claims: In cases of environmental damage caused by the hurricane, your lawyer can pursue claims against any responsible parties or entities. Liability could be found in failures related to persistent disrepair or delayed repairs that cause harm to the natural area.

Regardless of what kind of coverage you have, it is important to understand that insurance companies often don’t have your best interests at heart. They are a business, and denying or underpaying your claims is profitable to them. This often conflicts with your best interests as a paying customer who is entitled to the full value you’re insured for.

The Value of a Local Texas Hurricane Attorney's Experience

Even if you have robust insurance coverage for storm damage, you may still need an attorney to assist you with the insurance claims process. Important Texas insurance facts:

  • You might have coverage in the policy that you don’t know about or understand the practical implications of — our lawyers can demystify this “legalese” so that you can make fully informed choices.
  • Under Texas insurance law, if there is any ambiguity in your policy due to the insurance company’s drafting, it must be construed in your favor — we can help ensure the law is followed.
  • Insurance claims may be delayed or slow to process after a disaster — your attorney can follow up regularly so that you’re not put off indefinitely for the payout you’re entitled to receive

Working with a Texas hurricane claims lawyer can help you understand where your coverage gaps are, so you are fully compensated for your losses. Contact us today at (832) 690-7000 for a free, no-obligation consultation to determine your legal rights and your next course of action.

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What Damages Are Handled by a Texas Hurricane Claims Attorney?

A hurricane claims attorney handles various types of damages incurred due to a hurricane or tropical storm. Here are five common types of damages we can address:

  • Structural damage: Destruction to buildings, homes, and infrastructure due to high winds, heavy rainfall, and storm surges.
  • Flooding: Extensive water damage caused by heavy rainfall, overflowing canals, and storm surges leading to property damage and displacement.
  • Wind damage: Roof and structural damage, shattered windows, and debris impact caused by hurricane-force winds.
  • Erosion: Coastal erosion and damage to shorelines and beaches due to storm surges and waves.
  • Electrical damages: Fires caused by downed power lines, disruption of electrical systems and utilities, and damages related to prolonged power outages, communication and rescue failures, or becoming trapped due to blocked roads.

Hurricanes in Texas can leave rural residents dangerously vulnerable to harsh natural elements and wildlife. City dwellers can become penned in by downed structures, or confined due to impassable flooding made worse by urban features like poor city planning

Our Houston-based Texas attorneys have the local experience necessary to help our clients recover the compensation they need to recover after a hurricane.

What Does a Texas Hurricane Claims Lawyer Do for Your Case? (3 Key Services)

A Texas hurricane claims lawyer plays a crucial role in assisting you with hurricane-related homeowners insurance claims and other legal matters. 

Here are three key services hurricane damage attorneys provide for your case:

  1. Case building: Your attorney from Pierce Skrabanek will first assess the details of your case in a free consultation. Once you empower us to act on your behalf, we will fully investigate your insurance policy documents, gather evidence of hurricane-related damages, and determine the accurate value of your losses. 
  2. Claim management: Next, we prepare and send demands on your behalf, and handle the resulting communications related to your claim. This includes ensuring that all required documentation is submitted correctly and on time.
  3. Representation: Your Texas hurricane claim lawyer will then engage in negotiations with your insurance company on your behalf. If they refuse to agree to a fair settlement for your losses, we will file a lawsuit and (if necessary) argue your case before a judge.

Most hurricane damage claims are settled satisfactorily long before a lawsuit needs to be filed. However, if your claim is denied or undervalued, we will not hesitate to take legal action to resolve these disputes and maximize your compensation.

Public Adjusters

  • Licensed to assist with hurricane damage insurance matters
  • Can help estimate property damage
  • Not always able to settle for full damage compensation
  • May not be aware of alternative options

Hurricane Damage Lawyers

  • Licensed and knowledgeable on a broad range of hurricane claims
  • Can pursue alternative legal avenues for compensation
  • Able to identify gaps and relevant details in a policy
  • Can pick up where an adjuster’s assistance leaves off

Serving Texas Hurricane Damage Victims for Over 30 Years


Read what our past clients have to say about our legal services. 

Daryl M.

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“My experience with Mr. Skrabanek was honestly far better than all expectations that we had. He took care of us like we were family, making sure me and my wife always felt like a priority and walked us through all of the concerns that we had. If you are looking for a professional who truly cares for his clients you can stop the search. You won’t be disappointed.”

Denise J.

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“Mike and his team helped me settle an injury claim case. I was informed and helped through every step and they were always professional and very responsive. I really enjoyed working with them.”

Victoria S.

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“My attorney, Michael, did an amazing job with my case. He’s a straight shooter and has a vast knowledge of the law combined with an extensive amount of experience, making him a fantastic attorney. I fully recommend this firm.

Thank you Pierce Skrabenek!”

Gabriela C.

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“Paul Skrabanek of the law firm Pierce Skrabanek was very professional and went above & beyond in handling my daughter's case. Very dedicated, worked diligently, and got justice for my family. If I could give a higher rating than 5 stars I would. Thank you and your firm for such tenacity.”

Raymond H.

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“These guys are awesome, they were very informative from the beginning to end, working with them was super smooth, and I had all questions answered thoroughly. The whole team at this firm works to help in every way they can. They were able to get me the compensation I deserved and exceeded my expectations. If you’re ever in need of a stellar team to stand behind you and work for you, these guys are the ones you would want in your corner.

Thank you very much Paul and thank your team for me.”

Cam F.

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“Working with Paul Skrabanek was a very positive experience. He helped me understand the legal process as someone who has never been a part of a lawsuit, and was able to get me settled quickly and painlessly! Loved working with Pierce Skrabanek law firm!”

Michele R.

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Michael Pierce and his team, especially Krystle, were very professional, always available (even on weekends), and very knowledgeable. We appreciate their hard work on our case and the time they took to explain every detail as our case progressed. Mike is a phenomenal attorney and we highly recommend them for your legal needs.”

Beverly C.

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“I found Mr. Skrabanek to be very trustworthy, creditable, and genuinely concerned about my well-being while I was going through this very difficult process. He showed constant concern for me being completely satisfied before making any final decisions.”

Diane T.

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“Fantastic team of attorneys and staff dedicated to their clients. Michael Pierce is an outstanding trial attorney for personal injury cases.”

Deborah S.

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“We watched, participated & listened to Paul Skrabanek fight for a settlement which we could be happy with. Just this month the case has been put to rest.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need for my insurance claim after a hurricane? (Checklist)

This information can help expedite your claim, and get your life back on track. Do your best to have:

✅ A copy of your most recent insurance policy

✅ A list of all items damaged and extensive photo and video of your property damage (both before and after the hurricane if possible)

✅ Purchase receipts for valuable personal property (vehicles, furniture, computers, etc.)

✅ Estimates obtained for property damage repairs

✅ Receipts for repairs or alternative living expenses (hotel and rental car invoices, etc.)

We also recommend that you write down any questions you may have for an adjuster or lawyer so that your appointments are as productive as possible.

What is the difference between windstorm vs. flood insurance?

Windstorm damage claims are covered by state law. This means you can recover money damages, penalties for bad faith insurance, attorney fees, and other losses. Flood insurance claims are processed through federal courts, not state courts. Because of this, the same types of penalties and fees might not be available in flood claims like they are in windstorm claims.

Flood insurance companies are essentially “middlemen” for the federal government. These claims can sit stagnant for a long time, and may not always provide coverage for the fair value of the damage unless you have a private attorney helping push them through the legal system.

Additionally, when wind and water damage combine to cause destruction, this legal separation can become complex and tricky. An example includes when wind damage to a roof exposes the house to additional flood damage. Our lawyers can help figure out what type of coverage applies best to your situation.

What is a public adjuster?

Public adjusters are professionals who represent the rights of the insured during the claims process. As licensed professionals, they are legally allowed to charge a percentage of the insurance settlement or payout (for instance, 10% of the award). They may also perform other functions like estimating and negotiating with insurance companies.

If possible, get a recommendation when selecting an adjuster — ask friends and family if they know a reliable one, or check with sources like the Better Business Bureau. Check their track record and credentials to be sure they are legitimate.

Keep in mind that public adjusters are not always able to settle for full damage compensation, and may not be aware of alternative options. However, a private hurricane damage lawyer can help you pursue alternative legal avenues for compensation. We can work in place of or alongside public adjusters to pick up where their assistance abilities leave off.

When should I file a claim?

You should consider filing a claim as soon as possible once you are able to do so. You may be dealing with important filing deadlines, which can affect your ability to recover damages for your property. Also, as mentioned previously, even when you do file, you may experience delays in the process, so it’s best not to wait.

Before you file, be sure to prepare your documentation and photo/video evidence, as listed above. Contact a local Texas hurricane claims lawyer from Pierce Skrabanek by calling (832) 583-1862 for a free consultation and actionable answers to your questions.