January 30, 2020
April 7, 2024

Burleson County Explosion Injures Multiple People

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A Burleson County explosion left a contractor dead and injured several others on Wednesday, January 29, 2020. The incident happened due to an oil well blowout south of Caldwell in Burleson County.

According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, the incident was reported at around 3:00 p.m. and occurred along County Road 127 south of Deanville. The oil well blowout resulted in several medical helicopters being dispatched to the scene, and firefighters from multiple agencies responded promptly to the incident.

The Burleson County Sheriff’s Office reported that the oil well site belongs to Chesapeake Energy. Representatives from the oil company were on site, and fires were still actively burning as of Wednesday afternoon as a result of the Deanville explosion.

The Chesapeake Energy explosion also resulted in the closure of County Road 127, west of FM 60.

Legal Assistance May Be Needed for Injury Claims

Anyone who has been affected by the Chesapeake Energy oil well blowout should secure legal representation for any injuries and/or property damage.

Our firm has extensive experience dealing with explosion cases. You may speak directly with one of our Houston explosion attorneys confidentially and at no cost. Our meeting will not be disclosed to anyone, including any employers. The information you provide can help in determining damages amounts and may assist in assigning liability for the Burleson County explosion incident.

Burleson County native and attorney Randall Richardson is available to answer your legal questions. Affected people are already reaching out to our firm for assistance.

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About Attorney Randall Richardson


Attorney Randall Richardson is a trial attorney born and raised in Caldwell, TX. A graduate of Caldwell High School, Class of 1992, the Burleson County community is near and dear to his heart.

A highly experienced litigator, Randall focuses on professional and product liability cases involving oil and gas companies, medical and pharmaceutical issues, and hospital systems. He has served as lead counsel, second chair, or co-counsel in over 30 jury trials. His experience encompasses all sizes of cases, including mass-tort and catastrophic injury cases involving thousands of plaintiffs.  

In recognition of his achievements on behalf of his clients, Randall has been named a Texas Super Lawyer four years in a row. He has also co-authored several publications and regularly performs speaking engagements.

Randall earned his J.D. in 2000 at Baylor University School of Law and was admitted to practice in Texas in 2000.

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