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A maritime law attorney can help you if you have been injured in an accident.
February 28, 2024
April 7, 2024

Where Does Maritime Law Apply?

Where maritime laws apply is predetermined by federal law. An attorney can evaluate your case and determine if you are eligible to pursue a maritime lawsuit. 

Maritime law, also known as admiralty law, is a distinct body of law that governs activities and issues involving navigable waters. This specific type of law encompasses a wide range of legal matters related to commerce, shipping, navigation, and other marine activities. Maritime law addresses the rights and responsibilities of individuals and entities involved in maritime trade and transportation.

Maritime law governs activities on the high seas or areas of the open ocean beyond the waters of any specific country. It may also apply within a country's territorial waters, which extend from its baseline up to 12 nautical miles offshore. Within this zone, the country has sovereignty, and its maritime laws are applicable. Maritime law may extend to navigable rivers, lakes, and inland waterways, especially if they are used for maritime commerce.

However, specific regulations may vary based on the jurisdiction. An attorney who is experienced in maritime law will be able to determine if maritime law applies to your case. Specific individuals are allowed to bring maritime lawsuits including sailors, fishermen, and other crew members working on vessels. This may include claims under the Jones Act for injuries caused by the negligence of their employers or co-workers.

Whether you are a seaman seeking compensation under the Jones Act, dealing with issues of vessel unseaworthiness, or facing other maritime-related challenges, Pierce Skrabanek is a reliable choice. Our team boasts a strong commitment to client success and our extensive knowledge of maritime law has helped us win numerous cases for our clients. 

Contact our maritime attorneys online or by calling (832) 690-7000 to learn more about maritime litigation and how a lawsuit can benefit you and your loved ones.

Financial Compensation Available in Maritime Lawsuits

Financial compensation in maritime lawsuits can vary based on the nature of the incident, the extent of damages, and the specific circumstances surrounding the case. Maritime lawsuits are incredibly complex because they intersect federal, state, and even international law. Attorneys who handle these types of cases must be highly knowledgeable in all three areas to pursue the maximum amount of financial compensation for their clients. 

In maritime or admiralty lawsuits, the financial compensation available to you may include: 

  • Maintenance and cure: Seamen who have been injured on the job may be eligible for maintenance and cure. Cure refers to the monetary compensation set aside to help with medical expenses. Maintenance refers to the amount of money that a seaman can recover for living expenses. 
  • Jones Act compensation: The Jones Act is a federal law in the United States that provides certain legal rights and protections to maritime workers, particularly seamen, who are injured or killed while working aboard vessels engaged in maritime commerce. In certain situations, financial compensation can be pursued under this law. 
  • Loss of earning capacity: Financial compensation awarded through a maritime lawsuit can provide financial support for lost wages during your recovery period. In some cases, if the injuries impact your ability to work in the future, you may recover for diminished earning capacity. 
  • Wrongful death compensation: In cases of wrongful death, compensation can assist surviving family members with funeral expenses, replace lost financial support, and address the intangible losses associated with the death of a loved one.

Financial compensation in a maritime lawsuit is designed to help individuals and families cope with the financial challenges resulting from maritime incidents. Consulting with an experienced maritime attorney can help you understand the potential compensation available and navigate the legal process to secure a fair and just outcome.

Again, maritime lawsuits are highly complex cases. You should always consult with a knowledgeable and experienced attorney before pursuing any kind of litigation. 

If you are wondering “Where maritime laws apply?” an attorney with experience in admiralty and maritime litigation can help answer your questions. Contact the skilled lawyers at Pierce Skrabanek online or by calling our offices at (832) 690-7000. Our attorneys are highly experienced in maritime matters and can help set your case up for the very best chance at success. 

When Does Maritime Law Apply? 

Maritime law, also known as admiralty law, applies in various situations involving navigable waters. Maritime workers face unique risks due to the nature of their work, and injuries can occur in various situations. There are many different types of claims that can be adjudicated under maritime law. 

Some common injuries or accidents where maritime law may apply include: 

  • Slip and fall accidents: Slippery decks, uneven surfaces, and unpredictable sea conditions can lead to slip and fall accidents, causing injuries such as fractures, sprains, and head injuries. Such accidents can occur on ships, ferries, or oil rigs
  • Equipment accidents: Injuries can occur when working with maritime equipment, such as winches, cranes, and fishing gear. Accidents may involve crush injuries, amputations, or traumatic injuries.
  • Weather-related injuries: Adverse weather conditions can contribute to injuries, including slips and falls on slippery surfaces, as well as injuries caused by rough seas.

In the event of an injury, seek prompt medical attention. Once you have made sure you are safe and secure, you may want to consider legal action. An attorney will be able to explain your rights under maritime laws, such as the Jones Act. Contact a maritime lawyer to learn more about what types of injuries and accidents may be covered under maritime law.

Contact Pierce Skrabanek for Your Maritime Law Needs 

With a proven track record of excellence, Pierce Skrabanek is a legal firm that provides comprehensive and skilled representation in maritime law cases. Our team of experienced attorneys is well-versed in the complexities of maritime regulations, ensuring that clients receive thorough guidance and advocacy.

We have handled many maritime lawsuits on behalf of our clients. One notable maritime lawsuit includes a $16.9 million Jones Act verdict awarded to a seaman who became ill while working aboard a jack-up rig in the Persian Gulf. When it comes to addressing your maritime law needs, contacting Pierce Skrabanek is a strategic choice.

If you are ready to explore maritime litigation, contact Pierce Skrabanek online or by calling our team at (832) 690-7000. Don’t let the complexities of maritime law stop you from pursuing the compensation you are legally entitled to receive. 

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